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Basic Parts of a Residential Roof

A roof is made up of a system of products working hand in hand. It is essential to be familiar with the terminology, especially if you want to install a new roof or have it repaired. To help you understand how the different parts of a roof combine with each other to provide adequate protection, we have put together a list of the basic items of a residential roof.


The eaves section is the lowest horizontal edge. There are two basic designs: ”flush eaves” (the eaves terminate flush with the outer face of the wall), and it may also project out beyond the external wall, with a soffit below.


This part is the highest point of a pitched roof that receives the head of the spars (also called ridge).

Ridge Tile

This is a tile specially designed to cover the ridge apex of a pitched roof.


A gable is the Triangular upper portion of the wall at the end of a ridge roof.Basic Parts of a Residential Roof


The verge of a roof is the edge that runs from eaves to ridge at a gable. In other words, the centerline of the ridge.


An internal angle where two sloping roof sections join, typically at 90°.


A channel used to convey rainwater, fixed under eaves of the roof or between the sloping roofs for carrying the water off the roof.


It is a vertical pipe which transports rainwater from a roof or gutter to the ground or a drain.

Now that you know some of the essential parts of a roof, you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong with it. When the time comes for replacement or repair, you will have proper knowledge of all the parts to describe it to your local roofing contractor.

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