How Does a Roofing Company Determine the Price of a New Roof

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Important Cost Details to Consider for Your New Roof

One of the most important things to consider when you need to get a new roof for your Colorado home is the cost of it. Few new roof installations will ever be precisely the same because several elements affect the final price tag. Evaluating each of the following pointers can help you get a sense of the potential roof costs.

1. Roof Size

Professional roofers like Horn Brothers Roofing will take an accurate roof measurement based on roofing squares (10 feet by 10 feet). Calculate the square footage of your roof and convert that number into roofing squares so you can better discuss roof costs with a roofing company.

2. The Pitch

Roofers need to be able to move around while they work, so the angle or gradient of the roof requires additional safety measures to protect the workers, which will increase labor cost. If the project requires the installer to use scaffolding or safety equipment, the extra effort and time will add to your bill.

3. Type of Roofing Material

the best roofing products in ColoradoThe cost of the roofing product being used plays a key role in the aesthetic design, durability, weight, and ultimately the lifespan of the new roofing system.

Asphalt shingles are the most common and least expensive option. While wood, metal, tile, and slate are more labor-intensive to install. Find out the cost per square foot of your chosen roofing material and multiply that number by the total square footage of your roof. The result will give you an idea of how much you will spend on roofing materials.

4. Type of Roof Being Removed

Roof removals are determined by the amount of time it takes to remove and the fees to dispose of the roofing material, which is dictated by the weight. The heavier the material or, the more there is, the longer it takes to take it off and the more it costs to dispose of properly.

Stay tuned to find out what other factors can affect your new roof in Colorado.

Professional roofers in Colorado

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