The Best Types of Gutters for Your Home

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Gutters are one of the most important elements your roof needs to function properly. They are designed to move water away from the foundation and siding in order to keep the structural integrity of your Fort Collins, Colorado home intact. Gutters often come in two types: sectional and seamless. Other shapes are available, as well as materials and colors.

Sectional Gutters

Sectional gutters usually come in 10 foot long pieces that are then attached to the fascia board of your home with designated hangers. You can attach them by having them overlap or by snapping them together using joiner pieces. Most homeowners can install this type of gutter system themselves, all it takes is a ladder and an extra hand. Sectional gutters are the most economical choice as well. If one of the sections needs a repair, it can easily be removed and replaced with a new piece, which won’t affect the rest of the system.

gutter damage showing rain on gutterSeamless Gutters

Seamless gutters allow for your roof to have a smoother finish, with more colors available than sectional gutters. A gutter service will need to be hired to install this type of gutter system. A “gutter run-out” will need to be done, which consists of a machine that will extrude the metal and form the gutters into place on your roof. This process takes little time to complete, so you can have a brand new gutter system in no time. These systems are seamless, which means that the gutters will not leak at any mid-point, although, they may still leak around corner joints. Ultimately, if you want a more finished look for your home, a seamless gutter system is by far the best option.

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