Does Painting Your Roof White Really Save You Money?

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In today’s world, it’s hard to save money. Homeowners have been trying to determine ways to live a cheaper lifestyle within the comfort of their own home. One way they’ve discovered that has cut down on costs is by painting their roofs white. The color white has been known to reflect heat rather than absorb it, making lower energy bills inevitable. A light-colored roof also allows sunlight to be reflected back into the atmosphere, reducing global warming. So how can painting your roof be done?

Types of Roofs That Can Be Painted

Composite roofs are the best types of roofs that can be painted the color white. This is because it’s just far easier to paint than any other type of roofing. The paint just sticks better and lasts longer on composite roofs. The majority of homes across North America have composite roofs, making this one large step out of the way on the road to painting your roof.

roof replacementWhat’s the Size of Your Roof?

Size does matter after all. Roof paint can be extremely expensive, and oftentimes you can’t simply go pick it up at the store. If you want your roof to be painted, you will need to see a certified contractor who can paint the roof for you, or order online from a company. The latter option doesn’t give you any leeway if you need more paint, as you’ll have to wait for more to come in the mail.

The Price of it All

For an average-sized house in Edwards, Colorado, it’s estimated that painting the roof will cost around $500 to $1,000. Obviously, this varies depending on the type of paint you buy, the size of your roof, and if you hire a contractor to do the work for you.

Horn Brothers Roofing knows that saving money is essential in today’s society. If you need expert advice on roofing options, you can easily give them a call to find out more today.

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