The Importance of Performing an Attic Inspection

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Every new roof begins with a professional inspection by a roofing contractor. A thorough assessment of your home and the current roof and structure is essential so we can give you sound advice on how to move forward with a new or replacement roof. We want to provide the best solutions to our clients, so we need all the information we can get. An attic inspection is a valuable element of a thorough roof inspection. 

Why your initial consultation should include an attic inspection

Simply put, the attic is a major component of a functioning roofing system. The attic is responsible for eliminating the two biggest threats: moisture and heat!

Most people assume that external and environmental sources are the main causes of damage to our roof. While that may be true, your attic is working hard to fight external forces and ensure that the roof is living under the best conditions possible. Removing excess moisture and heat efficiently and effectively isn’t just beneficial to your roof, it can save your entire home from major problems.

Attic Inspection

We perform an attic inspection as part of our first free consultation on a new roof or roof replacement.

The only time moisture is a good thing is when you’re cooking and baking, and even then, it’s all about balance. Your attic should always be keeping the climate in balance. 

Signs of poor ventilation

When we do an initial free consultation about replacing an old roof, we get vital information by doing an attic inspection. We need to ensure adequate ventilation in your attic because, without that, no roof will last.

The attic inspection is all about looking for clues to any water damage or ventilation issues. The first tell-tale clue is visible water damage on plywood. Any condensation is a sign that there is inadequate ventilation. Another clue to moisture damage is rusty nails, and we record the temperature in the attic. All basic inspection elements will allow us to give you better guidance on what is essential for replacing your roof and installing a new roof that will last.

We know that choosing a roofing company is the first major decision you have to make. As you’re evaluating each company, take note if they take the time to inspect your attic. A new roof is a major investment. Make sure that the company you hire doesn’t cut corners and performs a thorough attic inspection.  

Think it’s time you need a new roof or ready to replace an old roof? Give us a call to schedule a free estimate and consultation.

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