Replacing Wood Shake Roofs with Synthetic Roofing Materials

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One roofing trend has incredible longevity due to its classic roofing charm and aesthetic characteristics, and that’s wood shake. While mother nature is responsible for the natural beauty and rustic elegance of wood shakes and shingles, mother nature is also why we’re replacing wood shake roofs

Why we’re replacing wood shake roofs

We understand the appeal of wood shake roofs, and so does the roofing industry, which is why we see so many synthetic roofing materials pop up on the market. Because of the popularity and the demand for the wood shake look, many synthetic roofing materials are created with three things in mind: durability, longevity, and emulating the look of natural wood shakes.

Replacing Wood Shake Roofs

Decra metal “cedar shake” roofing is impact and fire-resistant and a great alternative to a wood shake roof.

The reason you should replace wood shake roofs with a synthetic roofing material is simple: the climate and terrain, especially for Colorado homes and businesses, is too threatening to a roof made of natural and flammable wood shakes.

Insuring a wood shake roof is difficult

Normally, we’d say that you can’t beat the real thing. However, when it comes to wood shake roofs, because of the environmental threats of wildfire, we do not recommend that you build a roof with wood shakes or that you keep a roof with wood shakes. 

Most Colorado homes and businesses will be categorized as being in a wildfire danger zone, and a wooden roof is just too much of a risk. 

Most insurance companies will not insure a home or business with a wood shake roof. If they do offer insurance, the premiums will be astronomical. The good news is that replacing wood shake roofs with synthetic roofing materials might give you a break on your home insurance. Anything you can do to mitigate the risk of fire and protect your home will make the insurance company happy, and you may be rewarded in turn. 

Synthetic roofing alternative to wood shake roofs

We carry top roofing brands that have designed incredible synthetic roofing products that perfectly capture the essence of wood shakes and shingles. If this is the look you are looking for, you can easily get it without the insurance hassles or increase in wildfire threats.

Other alternatives would be metal roofs, which can also give you the wood shake effect, without the risks.

If you have a home or business with a wood shake roof, give us a call to discuss your options for replacing it with synthetic or other durable and fire-resistant roofing materials.

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