Reroofing is Not a Race

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Much of the success of your home or business comes down to a beautiful and well-functioning roof. We rely on our roof to protect the building structure and everything inside from the elements, but we also require that the roof looks great, enhancing the building and property curb appeal. Those are big responsibilities, so when it comes to reroofing, take your time. As we say in the business: reroofing is not a race!

Two types of reroofing jobs

While it may be time to replace an old roof, unless there are major functional problems or damage, don’t be afraid to take your time, do some research, and get the job done right. Making the right choices from materials, style, and even the roofing company will impact the longevity of the roof. Time may be money, but if you rush a reroofing job, you’ll end up spending more time and money fixing mistakes down the road.


Replacing old roofing materials with new ones has more long-term value and be more aesthetically pleasing.

Before we start talking about the fun stuff, like style and materials, we need to determine what type of reroofing you need. 

Roofing overlay

If time is really an issue, and your building only has one layer of old roofing shingles, a roofing overlay may be sufficient. A roofing overlay means that new roofing materials are laid over – hence, overlay – the old roof for a new roof appearance. While this method may save both time and money, there are some real downfalls. 

Placing one new set of roofing materials over an old set doesn’t leave room to inspect your roofing structure for damage. If a section of your shingles has been through some weather and the damage looks superficial, you may be tempted to simply do an overlay. However, you could be overlooking more serious damage that will lead to a second, more costly, roof replacement in the future.  

Roof replacement

A roof replacement will take more time, more labor, and a bigger budget, but the benefits are worth the extra cost. Replacing the roof means tearing off all of the old roofing materials, stripping the roof down, and installing, basically, a new roof. 

A roof replacement allows a contractor to assess the old roof and find the best solutions for replacing the roof with a roof that will last. Instead of simply adding a second layer of the roof to an old roof, a replacement will dig deep, repair any damage, and apply a neat new layer of fresh shingles for a better final result and appearance. 

Because your roof plays so many important roles in your life and the life of the building when it comes to reroofing, find the solution that will bring you long-term value, not trying to save a penny or two upfront. 

We prefer to replace a roof after a thorough inspection, including the exterior roofing materials and the attic. Work with us on a roof replacement that will give your building added curb appeal and enhanced performance for decades. 

We want your new roof to be your last roof. Contact us at Horn Brothers Roofing for more information. 

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