How to Restore a Metal Roof

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Whether on your home or business, having a metal roof can be a huge benefit. However, over time, like all roofs, it will eventually wear down. Knowing if you can–or should–replace your metal roof may require talking to a professional.

There’s a difference between having a dirty metal roof and one that is compromised. If you see any rust or other damage on the roof, it’s probably best to get it replaced. Trying to get rid of rust can be incredibly difficult, and it may continue to eat through the metal, which will cause water to get into your building.

However, if the roof is just faded, then it may be possible to do some roof restoration. Most metal roofs come with a paint layer on them that helps protect them from the elements. Over time, this will get faded by the sun and other weather conditions, leaving your roof looking grimy and dull. As long as there aren’t any issues with structural integrity, then getting a metal roof refinished should help it look like new again.

You have a couple of options when it comes to restoring your metal roof, including the opportunity to do it yourself. If you decide to take this project on, below are the steps you’ll need to take to make the roof look new again.

Roof Damage ColoradoRemove Loose and Flaking Paint

The first step will be to remove any loose or flaking paint. This can be achieved with a putty knife, wire brush, and/or sandpaper.

Sand the Entire Roof

After the paint has been removed, then you’ll need to sand the entire surface with sandpaper or the wire brush. Your goal should be to get a slightly texturized surface that will allow the paint to stick.

Wash the Roof

Using a mixture of 1 cup of dish soap to 5 gallons of warm water, you will then wash the surface of the roof to remove any dirt or other debris from the surface. After washing the roof, you will then need to remove the soap with a hose and wait until it is completely dry.

Get Ready to Paint

After the roof has dried, then you will get ready to paint it. The first layer should be a rust-resistant primer. This will need to dry completely before adding the layer of paint. When this happens, you can then use an acrylic latex paint designed for outdoor use. You will need to put on at least two coats, waiting for the first coat to completely dry before adding the second.

Depending on the size of your roof, this can be a huge job to undertake. It also requires having the right safety equipment. If you don’t want to undertake this project on your own, get in touch with the professionals at Horn Brothers Roofing. They can help you restore your metal roof and have it look like new.

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