Commercial Roofing Inspection: What Can the Facility Manager do?

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When it comes to a commercial roof, one of the best ways to ensure it remains in proper working condition is to have it inspected every once in a while. The roof inspection is something that can be done by a professional, and it’s a good way to catch small issues before they become larger ones.

In addition to having a professional come out and inspect the roof, it’s also beneficial for the facility manager to keep an eye on things. That way, if something comes up between inspections, they’ll be able to find it and get someone out to fix it before it becomes an expensive endeavor.

For the facility manager to be successful in their roof inspections, there are some things they will need to know. These are listed below.

metal roofWhat the Roof is Made

Having information about how the roof was constructed and what material it was constructed out of will give the facility manage a baseline for determining how often or when issues might occur. It is also helpful for the facilities manager to know if there is a warranty on the roof and what company installed it.

The Leak History of the Roof

Knowing the history of leaks on the roof will help the facility manager know if there is a recurring problem or a new one. Both of these issues will need to be correct, but if the leak continues to appear in the same spot, some different options might need to be explored to stop this from happening.

The leak history can also be a good indicator of how much life is life is left in the roof. With a complete record of all leaks and all repairs or replacements, it can help the facility manager determine if it’s time to replace or continue to repair the roof.

Who Has Access to the Roof

Mother Nature definitely wreaks the most havoc when it comes to the roof, but if tenants, trade contractors, or others have access to the roof, this can increase the chances of cuts, tears, punctures, and other damage to the roof. While the facility manager doesn’t need to know who has access to the roof to assign blame, it is useful to know how often it should be inspected for damage so that it can be fixed sooner rather than later.

If the facility manager has all of this information, they will be able to convey it to the roofing company should any repairs need to be made. If you find that you need a roofer for any issues, contact Horn Brothers Roofing today!

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