Protecting Your Roof From Raccoon Damage

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Denver, CO is home to many critters that can cause damage to your roof: birds, squirrels, and pesky raccoons. These little masked bandits can look a little cute when they aren’t being caught scurrying around the side of your home or going through your trash. But the last thing anyone needs over the holidays is for a family of raccoons to cause damage to your roof — or your beautiful Christmas lights. Here are a few ways you can keep raccoons from causing damage to your roof.

Store your Garbage Securely

Raccoons are scavengers, constantly on the hunt for their next meal. If they smell food nearby, raccoons will go though surprising lengths to get it. Of course, no one keeps food or trash on their roof. But making your trash easily accessible could give these critters a reason to set up camp nearby. This is can be a problem, especially if you live in a single-story home with a low roof. Even homes with two floors have been subject to unwanted guests on their rooftops. Try to keep your trash sealed tightly and hidden from sight. 

Hire a Roofing Company

Raccoons are more likely to try and use your roof for shelter in the winter.

Hire a Roofing Company

Keep in mind, roofers are not animal or pest control services. However, experienced roofers can help you identify hidden roof damage and easy access points that raccoons have been able to use to get on top of or into your roof. Raccoons are stronger than you might think; they can tear away loose shingles in order to get through the barrier of your roof. Once animal control services get rid of your pest, a roofing company can reinsulate your roof and install new shingles that raccoons won’t be able to get past. 

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