Finding Hidden Roof Damage

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It’s called hidden for a reason, and that’s because it isn’t easy to see when looking directly at it. Your Highlands Ranch roof might have damage that was caused by a storm or aging parts, but you may not be able to see it just by looking at it.

Let’s be honest: how often do we actually look up and pay attention to our roof? Most people don’t make it a habit to look at it every day. When there’s snow on the top, it can be even more challenging to find damage—and there’s usually a lot of snow during the Colorado winters.

When it comes to finding hidden roof damage, contacting a top roofing company will be your best bet. They have the skills, expertise, and safety equipment to conduct the inspection and find any issues that may have arisen. If you’re uncertain whether there might be hidden damage, below are some indicators it could exist.

Roofing CompanyA Large Storm Just Blew Through

Whether it was a snow storm, ice storm, hale storm, or winds, these have the potential to cause lots of damage. They can lift shingles without the homeowner noticing, and this compromises the ability of your roof to protect your home. Ice and hail may have also created tiny holes in your home that will need to be corrected to keep water from leaking in.

There Is an Abundance of Debris Laying Around

If strong winds have been blowing tree branches around, it’s possible that they hit your house and caused damaged to the roof or gutters. Excessive dirt and leaves may also clog the downspouts on your home, and you wouldn’t necessarily see those until the water didn’t drain properly. By then, it may have found a way to leak into your Colorado Springs home.

It’s also possible that your roof is aging, and that can also cause hidden damage. To know for sure, contact a roofing and repair specialist to find and fix any problems.

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