The Pros and Cons of a Flat Roof

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If you’ve decided to build a home of your own in Cherry Hills, Co, you’ve probably recognized that you’re going to need to determine what kind of roof you want. Most people have pitched roofs, which are more traditional. However, flat roofs are becoming an option that more and more new homeowners are seriously considering.

New Roof Installation

Flat roofs require much less time and effort to install than traditional pitched roofs.

The Pros

  • Flat roofs are much cheaper and quicker to install than pitched roofs. 
  • Labour for installation is cheaper due to decreased risk during construction.
  • Flat roof repair and replacement are much easier to manage. 
  • Quicker installation means you can move in sooner.
  • Flat roofs can be used for extra space for a patio lounge or a garden.
  • Maintenance tasks like gutter cleaning or patching holes are easier and safer.

The Cons

  • Many people consider flat roofs to be less stylish than pitched roofs.
  • Flat roofs take away the possibility of an attic or loft area.
  • Flat roofs provide less insulation than pitched roofs and can cause your home to be more easily affected by external temperatures.
  • Flat roofs require builders to provide more structural support to decrease chances of a roof collapse
  • Typically, flat roofs don’t drain water as easily, so your roofer many need to add mechanisms in order to ensure decent drainage — though this can be prevented if the roof is slightly arched or angled to one side. 

Are you interested in building your home with a flat roof? Don’t let the disadvantages sway you. The Horn Brothers will make sure that your roof is properly reinforced, insulated, and sealed, so you’ll never have to worry about the structural integrity of your home.

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