The Most Common Roofing Problem Areas

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Any roof system can have multiple issues that occur at any time. These problem areas tend to be the flashings, gutters, and shingles, as these places see the most action on your roof. In order to maintain these problem areas, it’s essential to check on them regularly to see if they remain in good shape.


Flashings are what seals the roof’s edges, walls, drains, etc. from any potential water damage. These areas see a lot of moisture, which can lead to leaks over periods of time. Often made from aluminum or steel, these areas are around the chimney, skylights, and dormer windows. Anywhere there needs to be extra protection against water will have a flashing near it.

Spring Roof MaintenanceGutters

Gutters were designed in order to keep water flowing away from your home’s foundation. Gutters help protect from any structural damages that may occur, and if not maintained correctly can have serious effects on your home in Morrison, Colorado. Gutters can easily be clogged up with leaves and other debris that should be cleaned out regularly. Since gutters are exposed to so much water, if they’re not doing their job correctly, you could have mold and mildew forming underneath your roof.


Shingles are what protect your actual roof from weather conditions. Depending on the material of the shingles, they may be more susceptible to cracks or breakage. If this does occur, the underlying wood of your roof could become exposed. This can lead to rotting, holes, and other damage to your roof that will be even harder to repair if left untreated. A few times a year you should check out your roof’s shingles to see if they’re still in good shape.

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