How To Handle Ice Dams

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Having an ice dam on your roof can be problematic. When they form, they make it challenging for water from melting snow to drain off the roof. As this water gets backed up, it could potentially leak into the home, causing a lot of damage to the ceiling, walls, and insulation.

As the melting water refreezes on the outside of the home, ice cycles may form. These may look really pretty hanging from your roof, but they are dangerous. Their weight can pull gutter and roofing materials from your home. If they fall on someone, they may cause injury.

Preventing Ice Dams

Preventing ice dams from forming requires knowing how heat escapes from your house. If enough is getting out, it will cause the snow on the roof to melt, and that will then flow in a downward pattern until it finds a place that isn’t hot. There, it will refreeze. This is when an ice dam can become an issue.

Benefits of Using Ice Melt Products for Your RoofSome ways to prevent ice dams from occurring include getting a roof inspection. A top roofing company will be able to tell if there is a problem by looking at the outside of the house and the inside. If there’s a potential for heat to escape and ice dams to form, they can let you know and correct the problem.

You may also consider scraping the snow off the roof throughout the winter, but this can be an incredibly dangerous task. Roofs are treacherous in nice weather, add slipperiness to that, and they become even worse.

Ways to Remove Snow

It may be possible to stand on the ground and use a broom or rake to get rid of the ice dam or excess snow, but this could cause damage to the shingles or gutters. If you are concerned about the snow on the roof and want to get it removed, call a professional. They’ll have the tools and safety equipment to accomplish the task with little risk of damage or injury.

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