Preparing for a New Roof Installation

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At some point in time, everyone will need a new roof on their Colorado home. This can be an incredibly exciting time because a new roof will better insulate your home, perhaps lowering your heating and cooling costs and put some money back in your pocket. It could also improve the aesthetic appeal to your home—and we all want our homes to look good.

The actual process of roof repair or replacement can be a bit disconcerting. It’s often loud and messy, but it won’t last forever. If you’re about to have your roof replaced, below are some things you can do to prepare for the process.

Move Your Vehicles

Yes, it’s your driveway and you want to be able to park your car in it, but having a close space for the dumpster or the roofer’s vehicle is more important. It will keep debris contained and make it easier for them to move supplies to the roof of your house. Remember, they won’t be there forever, and giving up your parking space for a short amount of time will allow the process to go smoother and quicker. Plus, it will protect your cars from having things falling or being thrown on them from the room.

roofingThink of Pets and Young Children

If you have pets or young children in the house, you may consider taking them to another location while the roof is being worked on. There will be lots of noise and strangers around the home, and that could be distressing for pets and kids. See if they can spend time with family or friends until the roof has been replaced.

Cover Things in the Attic

If you use your attic for storage, you’ll want to cover the items up there. As workers move around on the roof and replace parts, dust and other debris will be knocked loose. Keep your stuff clean and safe with a cover.

A top roofing company will do what they can to repair or replace your roof in a short amount of time so they don’t disrupt your life too much.

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