Roof Safety Advancements

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Working on a roof can be dangerous. For most homes in the Fort Collins area, the roof is quite a ways away from the ground. If someone were to fall, they could get seriously injured. That’s why it’s not recommended for homeowners to venture onto their roof without proper safety equipment. It’s also why a top roofing company will always put safety first when working on a roof.

Advanced Technology

As technology advances, so does safety equipment. The roofing industry has seen it’s share of safety advancements and ways to keep workers safe. Some of these can also be used by homeowners. But if you’re not comfortable climbing on top of your house even with these advancements, we understand, and we are more than happy to help you with your roofing needs.

fall roof maintenance tipsOne of the biggest advancements that has occurred is the use of drones to do inspections. If a person doesn’t have to be on the roof at all, this reduces the chances of falling off by a large percentage—pretty much 100%. Because these drones can be equipped with cameras and give real-time feedback, an inspector can look at a roof and see any issues while safely standing on the ground.

Safety Equipment

Other technology that some companies are incorporating include GPS monitoring. This can include marking dangerous spots on a roof, such as a weak spot that could collapse, and when a worker gets close to that area, a warning is sent to their phone to keep them from falling through.

Some places are developing monitors that keep track of a person’s body temperature and heart rate, sending a warning if anything gets out of whack. This could be beneficial when working in extremely hot weather monitoring a worker so that they don’t get heat stroke or pass out.

Keeping workers safe while they are working on a roof is important, and there are advancements in technology that are accomplishing that goal.

At Horn Brother’s Roofing, we take safety seriously. Let us show you!

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