How to Avoid Roof Collapse

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No one wants to believe that the roof on their Cherry Hills, Colorado, home could collapse, but never say never. A variety of different elements could fall into place and cause this devasting event to occur. Being prepared is the best line of defense, and below are some ways to prevent roof collapse.’

Keep tabs on snow accumulation

Living in Colorado, we see our fair share of snow throughout the winter. Having too much of it on the top of a home can add extra weight to the structure. If there are weak spots or damage, that weight could cause a collapse.

Keeping an eye on how much snow has accumulated on the roof of your home is a good idea. If it looks like there is an excessive amount or ice dams begin to form, then it’s time to get things cleaned off. Contacting a professional who is experienced in doing roof repairs and has the safety equipment to be on the top of your home is the best idea.

Roof DamageKeep drains clear

Water pooling on your roof—whether from melting snow or a huge rainstorm—can add excess weight. It can also cause wood that is beginning to rot to waste away even faster. This compromises the integrity of your roof and could lead to a collapse. Keeping your drains and gutters clear so that water can run off the roof will help reduce the chance of roof collapse.

Keep up with maintenance

One of the best ways to ensure that the roof on your Lakewood, Colorado, home won’t collapse is to keep up with maintenance. This includes regular inspections by a qualified professional and any quality roof repairs or replacement. This will find any weak spots or damage that could weaken the structure and fix them before they become a huge problem.

No one wants their roof to collapse. Having a plan in place could help prevent tragedy from occurring and finding issues before they get out of hand.

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