Can You Live at Home During A Roof Replacement

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One of the biggest questions about roof replacements is not about installing a roof but about where the family should live for the project’s duration. The question is not whether you can live at home during a roof replacement. The question is whether you’d want to. 

Living At Home During Roof Replacement

When it comes to living at home, there are two things you need to know about a re-roofing:

  • It’s loud
  • It’s dirty
Live At Home During Roof Replacement

If you can deal with the noise and the dirt, then you can stay living at home during a roof replacement.

There’s no way around it, which is why we recommend that homeowners find temporary accommodations for the duration of the project. However, we recognize the inconvenience of moving, even with a team of roofers making noise all day.

Re-Roofing Is Loud

Since the pandemic, many people have transferred to a permanent remote working situation or hybrid model. While remote working has made work-life balance easier to achieve, a roof replacement may throw a wrench into the works.

There’s no way to get around the noise of a roof replacement. If you work from home and rely on zoom meetings and conference calls, you may want to find a quiet place to work for the duration of the roof replacement

If you have young children and toddlers who rely on naptime, it may be more convenient for you to stay somewhere else, if possible. 

Re-Roofing Is Dirty

Our team takes great care not to damage or disrupt your property and home during the roof replacement. We always dress appropriately and professionally and wear little booties over our work shoes when we enter your home. That said, expect a bit of dirt from carrying materials, removing materials, installation, and general construction mess.

The Benefits of Staying Home

If you can live with the dirt and the noise for a while, staying at home during a roof replacement is perfectly doable. Many families prepare to stay at home. 

The benefits are:

  • You’re home
  • You’re not removed from daily routine or network
  • Your kids are still close to school, friends, and toys
  • You can stay informed about the projects’ progress
  • You’re available to answer questions from the onsite install manager

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