How to Qualify a Roofing Company to Install Your New Roof

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Any reputable roofing company will offer a free roofing inspection as the first step to a new roof. However, while the company is doing their inspection of your roof so they can make qualified recommendations, you also need to qualify a roofing company to ensure that it’s going to be a good partnership. The roof is one of the main protectors of your home, so don’t rush the replacement process. Take your time to find the right roofing company that is both qualified and transparent in its practices.

How to qualify a roofing company

Qualify a Roofing Company

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As soon as the roof service company pulls up to your commercial or residential space, here’s what you should be on the lookout for:

  •  Are they prompt, courteous, and professional? 

A company may be good at what they do, but these are people who will be in and out of your home, so you want to make sure that they respect your space, time, and property. Showing up in clean, professional work attire and taking care not to track dirt into your home is something to look for when you’re choosing a roofing contractor. How a company presents itself will tell you a lot about its standards and approach to its work. 

  •  Do they inspect the attic and look for signs of water damage? 

This is an important step. Ventilation is huge for the quality and longevity of your new roof. Think twice if a company ignores your attic when inspecting your roof. 

  • Do they try to push products on you and sell you too quickly? 

Look for a roofing company that is transparent in its suggestions and practices. The products, styles, and materials that they recommend are in your best interest, not theirs. Rather than a contractor pushing one brand or product, look for a roofing contractor who wants to educate you on the best roofing solutions and wants you to understand the process. They should do more than suggest a certain type of material; they should explain why you need it and why it’s going to be the best option for your home. 

  •  Do they provide an install list so you can see their previous installs? 

A local roofing company should have plenty of real-life examples you can go and see in person. If they can’t or won’t show you past work, be wary. Check out their website and any social media accounts to see previous work and customer testimonials. 

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