Why You Need Snow Guards for Commercial Roofs

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Any business within the mountain hospitality and ski resort industry will know how important it is to have a high-quality roof to provide maximum safety for guests and patrons. One essential roofing item you’ll need is snow guards for commercial roofs.

Snow guards for commercial roofs

Your biggest duty as a ski resort manager is to protect your guests and give them an unforgettable experience. While your lounge and restaurant area may be warm and cozy, you also want guests to feel safe exploring the grounds without fear of being buried in snow slipping off of your roof. 

Snow guards on metal roofs

Keep Guests Safe

To ensure the safety of your guests and clients is preserved, you will need to invest in snow guards for your commercial roofs. These guards are highly important for a number of reasons. 

Snow-Covered Roofs are Slippery!

Even in the winter, the temperatures will fluctuate dramatically during a 24 hour period. Snow can easily slide down these roofs as soon as it melts in the sun. This can cause a major safety hazard for those who are in and around your resort. 

A snow guard for commercial roofs has a number of functions. It creates a grippy surface that can hold onto the snow, allowing it to melt and fall off the roof at a more controlled rate. This avoids large piles of snow falling at once, which could be dangerous. 

Limit Liability

Snow guards also limit your liability. By protecting guests and employees, the risk of accidents and injuries is significantly reduced. This gives you peace of mind that your customers on staff members are safe while at your resort and means you can avoid any legal troubles. 

Not only this, but snow guards can protect the roof itself. Heavy snowfall can damage your roofing materials and your gutter system. By using a snow guard, you can reduce your expenses on roofing repairs. 

Contact mountain ski resort roofing specialists

Whether you run a residential or commercial resort, you will need snow guards for commercial roofs. This is something that Horn Brothers Roofing can help with! Get in touch with the team today to see what we can do for you.

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