Custom Composite Tiles for Roofing Restoration Projects

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The trick to a great roofing restoration project is to utilize new and modern roofing technology and materials and recreate a roof that is authentic to the original structure and architecture. Custom composite tiles are a gift to any roofing company contracted to restore an old or historic roof. 

Restoring a Historic Roof

Custom Composite Tiles for Historic Roof Restoration

We restored the Aspen Chapel roof using Select Shake Aged Cedar composite roofing tiles.

Matching the integrity and style of a historic roof with modern roofing materials can be a challenge. However, an historic roof restoration is made much easier with custom manufactured roofing tiles. Restoring a roof is about providing a safe and secure structure to protect the building, and also to revitalize the original aesthetics and integrity of a historic roof.

The Best Roofing Materials for a Historic Roof

Different roofing materials and styles were popular at different times throughout history. Matching the original roofing material may at first appear to be the best solution; however there could be alternative roofing materials available today that are better than the original. 

Custom Composite Tiles

While original roofing materials will give you the right aesthetic, they may not be the most practical. The climate in Colorado has always been a problem. Fortunately, the roofing industry is always innovating. Modern roofing materials are designed to fight external threats like wind, water, and extreme temperatures. 

Composite roofing materials can perfectly replicate any roofing materials and style while providing the durable, weather, and fire-resistant properties that a Colorado roof requires. 

You can match these tiles in style, color, shape, and size to restore an historic roof authentically. 

Historic Roof Restoration by a Qualified Colorado Roofing Company

We’ve spearheaded many historic roofing projects throughout the Front Range and mountain communities. We have the skill and experience to make the right decisions, meeting our aesthetic requirements, and ensuring long-lasting performance through every Colorado season. 

Your roof is in good hands with Horn Brothers. Get in touch today!