What Are Roof Boots?

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Residential roofs in Colorado don’t seem particularly complex at first, they’re just shingles and gutters. However, there is actually a complex system in place, with different components helping to keep your house working properly and your property dry. So, when working on residential roof repair, things like a roof boot make quite a sizeable difference over time. Here’s what you need to know.

A Starter Explanation

A roof boot, in essence, is a pipe vent poking out through the rooftop. You’ll generally see a tube sticking out on top of your roof from the bathroom or kitchen. This is the pipe vent, and the boot is on top. Your pipe vent is designed to prevent leakage and balance out the plumbing system, and the roof boot keeps that protected from the elements.

gutter damage

If a roof boot does its job, you’ll hardly notice it.

Ironically, if it works right, you wouldn’t even notice a roof boot doing its thing. However, if you don’t keep track of your repairs, a roof boot can be a weak area for roof leakage. Generally, this is accomplished with flashing or rubber collars to seal out the gap. If there are major temperature changes, the rubber can harden, and pull away from the roof. A flawed seal leads to a place for rain and snow to fall in the gaps.

Stopping Leaks

These leaks are some of the hardest to detect, but there are a few steps you can take to try and ensure a top condition. First, make sure you regularly inspect the attic. If you see dark spots on the roof or feel soft areas around the wood, reach out to your roofing team. Be sure to check the boot itself regularly, and clean out your gutters once a year at minimum.

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