Avoiding Fire Damage On Your Roof

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The purpose of having a roof in place isn’t just to finish off how your home looks, but also to protect your belongings and your family. If the roof gets damaged, suddenly you don’t have that added protection. There are a lot of different things that can lead to this, but fire rarely gets discussed. Here are some means you can use to cut down the risk of fire damage to the roof, aside from roof replacement in Denver.


Roof Lightning

Roofing materials are rated for fire resistance on a sliding scale.

A good starting point is when you go and have your roof initially installed. When you first do this, be sure to reach out to your contractor about what roofing materials you are using. If this means paying a little more for a stronger quality material, it’s well worth it. Class A materials are generally the most resistant to fire, followed up by Class B items, Class C, and so on, each having less and less materials. Unrated options are the least resistant.

While fire-resistant items are a good place to start, you also want to make sure there aren’t any gaps and holes present. An area of the roof that gets damaged loses the protection those materials provide. So, a few missing shingles or a small gap may not mean much aesthetically, but you still want to get ahead of things. If a fire sneaks in, then you are suddenly exposed.


Note that fire-resistant and fireproof are not one and the same. If there is flammable debris that gets on the roof for a given period of time, that heat can extend to roofing materials and start igniting them. If debris gets on the roof, due to changes in seasons or weather, be sure to clean it off.

Fire damage isn’t always avoidable, so you want to have a company in mind to help restore your roof to its former state. If you are looking for a premier roofing company in Denver, Horn Brothers Roofing is here and ready to help.

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