How Weatherproofing Your Roof Provides a Significant ROI

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Keeping your home in Lakewood, CO comfortable can be quite the expense — hot summers and cold winters cause us to spend more money on our heating and cooling systems. But did you know that it’s much easier to keep your home temperature regulated if it’s weatherproofed? Investing in a roof with quality insulation and airtight sealant can save you money on your monthly utility bill. Horn Brothers Roofing offers top quality roof repair and maintenance techniques that will have your home ready for even the most extreme weather conditions.

Tips for Optimal Home Energy Efficiency

The quality of your roof can have a major impact on what you spend on temperature regulation every month. Here are a few great tips for protecting your home and keeping more money in your pockets in the long-term.


Weatherproofing protects your roof from water damage. Roofing companies do this by using a combination of sealants and protective layers that keep water from seeping into the base layers and wood foundations of your roof. Weatherproofing will save you from outrageous energy bills roof repair costs down the road.

What is Roof Ponding?

Flat roofs are susceptible to ponding, which can be dangerous without proper weatherproofing.

Flat Roof Protection

Flat roofs are even more susceptible to water damage than traditional pitched-roof housing. Flat houses allow more opportunity for standing water to collect, which can cause serious damage over time. Waterproofing is essential in this case if you want to win the fight against rainstorms and melting snow. Though it does cost a little more to include weatherproofing components to your flat roof during initial construction, you’ll spend way less on costs for repairs and replacements.

Proper Insulation

If you find that you are unable to regulate the temperature of your home, you might have insufficient insulation. Good insulation is important, especially in the winter — hot air rises, and if your attic isn’t insulated well enough, all the warm air your heating system is making could be escaping through your roof. A roofing company can inspect your attic and supply all the insulation you need to keep your home energy efficient. 

Are you searching for more ways to make your home more cost-efficient? Horn Brothers Roofing has a range of services available to help you save more, and feel more at home. Email for a free estimate or call us at (303) 274-1111. 

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