How to Prevent Roof Leaks from Melted Snow

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In Cherry Hills, CO, we all know that wonderful feeling that comes with watching the snow melt away and give room for the blooming flowers of spring. Unfortunately, this sight is the same reason that so many people end up dealing with roof leaks. The melting snow and rising temperature can do all kinds of damage. They can cause:

  • Deteriorated sealant
  • Loose or fallen shingles
  • Cracks
  • Weakened foundations
  • Water damage in other areas of the home

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, you’ll need to call a roofing company for repairs. Once you’ve corrected these issues, take these steps to be proactive about maintaining your roof in the future.

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As the temperature gets warmer, snow and ice can melt into the fascia of your roof.

Install a Drip Edge

As their name would suggest, drip edges are installed at the ends of your roof, otherwise known as the “eaves”. When placed, these edges control water flow, keeping it away from the band underneath the edge, known as the “fascia.” without a drip edge, water could roll onto your fascia, causing leakage, rot, and other types of water damage.

Clean Your Gutters

Homeowners should keep their gutters clear of debris at all times. Too much buildup can cause water to pour over and collect on your roof. This can overwhelm your shingles and cause water to breach them and get into your underlay. Winter is an especially important time to check your gutters, as snow can pile up inside of your gutters and on your roof. Don’t want to spend time clearing your gutters? You can get a roofing contractor to install gutter guards.

Check Your Attic

Outside elements aren’t the only factors that can affect your roof. Head upstairs and check your attic for proper ventilation, plumbing, and air conditioning. If any one of these in-home components is faulty, the integrity of your roof may be compromised over time. 

Horn Brothers Roofing can help identify any problem areas on your roof and fix them quickly and effectively. If you live in Cherry Hills, CO, we can help regardless of your roof’s material or age. Request a free estimate to get started.

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