Sustainable Roofing Materials For A Greener Lifestyle

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Health and sustainability are once again at the top of every New Year’s resolutions list. While you sign up for the latest boutique fitness trends and vow to buy more reusable containers, there is one major part of your home that can make a big difference in your carbon footprint: your roof. We’re going to go over some sustainable roofing materials to consider in your quest for a greener lifestyle and how your roof can help your home become more energy-efficient. 

Sustainable Roofing Materials

The efficiency of your roof comes down to the installation, materials, ventilation, and insulation. Determining the eco-friendliness of your roof factors in the materials used, how they are sourced and manufactured, and the roof’s overall performance over time. However, we will focus on three sustainable roofing materials for this article.

Sustainable roofing materials

The materials you choose for your roof can increase your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

The most sustainable roofing materials for residential homes are:

  • Wood Shake
  • Composite
  • Metal

Wood Shakes and Shingles

Because wood is a sustainable resource and fully biodegradable, wood shakes and shingles are considered the most sustainable roofing material. However, for a Colorado home, we do not recommend wood shakes. Instead, we refer our clients to the multiple composite shingles styles that have dominated the roofing market. 

Composite Roofing Materials

Composite shingles, also known as synthetic wood shakes, can emulate the appearance of a wood shake and shingle’s appearance while providing a more sustainable and durable roofing material. Composite and synthetic shingles are often composed of recycled materials and long lifespan if appropriately maintained. Longevity, durability, and recycled materials make composite shingles a sustainable roofing choice.

Metal Roofing Materials

While the production of metal roofing materials requires a lot of energy and resources, many metal roofs are either already made from recycled materials or can be recycled when the roof reaches the end of its life. 

Metal roofs also last a long time, reducing the need to replace the materials and increasing energy efficiency and sustainability. 

A metal roof’s insulation and heat-absorbing characteristics also enhance its eco-friendliness and energy-saving capabilities. 

Consult With Colorado Roofing Contractor On Sustainable Roofing Materials

We help our clients find the best roofing materials and solutions to increase lifespan and efficiency. 

Reach out for a consultation and free estimate on the best roofing materials for your Colorado home. 

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