Steps to Designing a Roof For a New Home

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It’s exciting to build a new home from the ground up. You get to personalize every element and make it your own. Designing a roof for a new home is a combination of style and substance, fashion and function.

The Primary Function of a New Roof

The quality and efficacy of a new roof come down to four elements:

Designing a New Roof

Your roof should look great and protect your entire home from the elements.

  • Materials
  • Construction
  • Durability
  • Style

Choosing the Right Materials For a New Roof

The primary function of a new roof is to protect your home and everything in it. The shape, slope, and materials all need to work together to create a tight fit around your home, a barrier between the interior and exterior.

However, you can’t forget about the visual aesthetic and creating a beautiful and stylish home, complimenting your neighborhood and the environment.

Your location will point you towards certain materials that are made for your climate. Weather resistance, strength, and durability are vital components to consider when choosing materials for a new roof.

For Colorado homes, both in the Front Range and mountain communities, we deal with fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions, including extreme hail storms. Similarly, you need to consider materials that are also fire and impact-resistant. Some materials may look great, like wood shakes, but we do not recommend them in our climate.

Elements to Consider When Designing a New Roof

In the composition of a roof, you always have to find a balance between the functional and physical elements and the stylistic choices that make your home more attractive and appealing.

Consult With Professional Roofing Contractor When Designing a New Roof

We’ve been designing, installing, and replacing commercial and residential roofs all over the Front Range and Colorado’s mountain communities. Our goal is to be a valuable and trustworthy source of information and industry expertise. We want your new roof to be your last roof.

Reach out for a consultation with a professional roofer.

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