You Need to Re-Roof If Any of These Things Are True

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We’ve come a long way in roofing, discovering more about how to build a roof that has longevity and functionality. Different roofing materials come with a warranty that gives clues to a roof’s lifespan. However, there are factors besides old age that can speed up the need to re-roof. It’s important to check in on your roof and look for signs you need to re-roof like signs of damage and deterioration.

Do You Need to Re-Roof?

Understanding how your roof functions allow you to stay one step ahead of major disasters. While we never recommend that you rush a re-roofing job, do not ignore signs of a poorly functioning roof. When a roof begins to malfunction, it will have an impact on the home’s functionality. You’ll see it in your energy bills and feel a general discomfort with your indoor climate and quality. The sooner you realize that your roof is nearing the end, the more prepared you are and can take the time to find the right roofing contractor and the right new roof for your home.

Signs You Need to Re-Roof

A home with wood shake shingles shows signs of damage and will need to be re-roofed with new material.

Wood Shake Shingles 

These roofing products look beautiful; there’s no doubt about it. But, because of their high insurance rates (if you can even get insurance), environmental impact, and lower durability, wood shakes are a risky bet if you want a long-term solution.

Synthetic products are becoming more and more sustainable and also offer improved functionality.

Expired Warranty 

You may be tempted to get more mileage out of your roof even after its warranty has expired, but it’s a dangerous game to play. Given the costly prices of repairing a roof with structural damage, paying out of pocket is never the ideal choice. By re-roofing and obtaining a new warranty, you can be sure that a big-ticket item is crossed off your list for years to come!

Water Damage in Your Attic

There’s not a whole lot of thinking that needs to go on after this; get a roofing professional ASAP! We’ve replaced countless wood shake roofs over the years, many due to water damage!

If you’re concerned that your residential or commercial property is exhibiting signs you need to re-roof, contact Horn Brothers Roofing right away. With 25 years of experience helping thousands of Denverites with their roofing needs, we’re well-equipped to handle any and all issues!

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