Adding Value To Your Home With A Stylish New Roof

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A roof is one of the most noticeable aspects of any home. A property’s value can diminish significantly if it is in disrepair. While installing a new roof may seem like a big investment, you can get great returns from it over time. Hire a trustworthy residential roof contractor who understands your aesthetics and environmental risks in your area for the best results.

When Should You Replace a Roof? 

These structures can last for anywhere between 25 and 100 years based on their materials. For example, copper roofs can last for over a century while asphalt endures for 25-50 years. All structures will show some signs to indicate they’re failing, like the ones mentioned below:

New Roof

A new roof can add up to 40% value to your home.

  • Rot – Roofs have some essential wooden components that are vulnerable to decay. If you notice visible rot in beams, underlayment, and other aspects of the roof, contact a reliable expert immediately for a comprehensive assessment.
  • Mold – Mold occurs if there is water damage or leaks in the roof structure. It doesn’t just weaken the integrity of the roof and home structure but also compromises indoor air quality and your health.
  • Sagging – Sagging is an indication of serious structural integrity issues. Homeowners can’t afford to wait and must either repair or replace the roof immediately. Sagging can lead to total collapse, especially during a heavy snowstorm.
  • Leaking – Leakage can cause extensive damage to a roof and your home. It can lead to water stains, mold, swollen floors and drywall, flooded basements, etc. If you notice serious leaks, call an expert immediately.

Carry out a comprehensive inspection before planning for any home improvements. An expert will give you honest advice on whether the roof needs repairs or replacements so you can plan accordingly.

Considerations for a New Roof

Choose a style that fits your property’s architecture while improving its overall curb appeal. Make sure the materials are suitable for local climate and environmental conditions, as that can extend a roof’s lifespan considerably. Many companies provide products specifically designed for certain regions.

A good roof can improve your property’s value by around 40%, so it pays to invest in a reliable and trustworthy product.

Get an estimate, or contact us to talk about your options, expectations, timeline, and budget. We offer honest advice, helping all our clients make informed decisions to not only get a beautiful new roof but the last roof they’ll ever need.

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