Should You Re-Roof Or Replace?

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If your roof is coming to the end of its lifespan, you may question if you should re-roof to stretch out its lifespan a bit more – after all, getting a new roof is a big investment that you might not be ready for. It’s important to know the difference between re-roofing and replacing your roof so that you can make an informed decision between the two processes.

Re-roofing vs. Replacing

Re-roofing involves layering new shingles on top of existing, old, shingles and can only be done once. In other words, if you’ve already re-roofed before, you can’t do it again. This option is a quick fix for minor wear and tear and is less expensive since it requires less labor.

On the other hand, replacing a roof requires the entire old roof to be torn off before installing a new one. This process is more time-consuming and labor-intensive so it is more expensive.

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If your roof still looks like it’s in pretty good shape, despite how old it is, re-roofing is a cost-effective way to freshen up the roof and extend its lifespan a bit more. Minor issues that can be fixed with re-roofing includes small lean and hairline cracks. Doing the entire roof, rather than a small section, is usually recommended so that the tiles line up to make the house look more uniform.

When To Replace

If you’ve already re-roofed once, you’ll need to replace your entire roof. Other times, you should replace your roof is when there are major issues such as extensive water damage, soggy and missing shingles, or there’s a lot of mildew and algae growth on/between the shingles. Roof replacement is also a good solution if there are issues with the structure due to sagging and rotting.

Whichever solution you think is the most appropriate for you now, remember that re-roofing is a band-aid solution since you can’t see what’s really going on under the shingles. On the other hand, a roof replacement is more of a long-term solution that will ease your worries of problems in the near future.

Whether you need to re-roof or get a roof replacement for your Denver home, Horn Brothers Roofing can give you sound advice and help you get the job done. Contact them today to learn more about their quality roofing solutions.

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