Budgeting for Roof Repairs

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Roof repairs can be an expensive task to plan for. By setting up a budget that works for you, you’ll be able to plan for any accident that comes your way. Keeping your Castle Rock roof intact all depends on the amount of money you can save for repairs.


Leaks are the most common roof repairs that homeowners have to deal with. These will happen for a number of reasons including, heavy rain, excess moisture build-up, holes, cracked shingles, clogged gutters.

When any of these occur, water can fill up your attic and make its way to the ceiling and walls of your home. Mold can begin to grow leading to even more repairs along the way. This is why even the smallest roof leaks need to be addressed immediately. If you catch a leak quickly it can only end up costing from $200 to $500 to fix.

roof damagedBlow-Offs

Blow-offs will usually happen if you’ve experienced heavy winds, or the installation has been installed wrong. This will commonly occur if you have asphalt shingles, as they can be nailed in the wrong spot and aren’t very durable. This is why it’s important to check after a storm if all the shingles are still in place. To replace missing shingles it will cost around $175 to $350.


Splitting will often happen if there’s a build-up of shingles. Trapped moisture, hail damage, poor ventilation, and high winds also play a factor in splitting. It’s often okay if there are one or two shingles with cracks, as the majority of the roof is still fine. This will become even more of an issue when you notice significant cracks starting to form in multiple shingles. The average repair price for splitting is from $100 to $500.

It can be hard to plan for the worst. With Horn Brothers Roofing, you’ll be able to have expert contractors come in and fix your roof for a fraction of the cost. Contact them today for their rates.

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