How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost?

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When it comes time to replace your roof, the cost of this huge investment is often a concern for many families. A quality roof is integral to keeping your family comfortable, but what factors go into the final price tag?


The square footage of the roof that needs to be replaced is a major factor. This determines how much material will be needed and how much labor will be required to finish the job.

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Shape and slope

The shape of your roof is another important factor. A steep roof will require workers to move more slowly and carefully to stay safe on the job, while a complex roof shape will require more work with flashing and peaks. The price per square foot might be higher for those with more complex home designs, multiple stories, or different layers to the roofing job.

Quality of materials

The cost of materials will likely be the largest contributor to the final price on your new roof. But not all materials are created equal, so there can be a wide discrepancy in prices. Your choice in roofing surface is the primary factor here, with traditional asphalt shingles being the least expensive. Prices will go up as you look at stone-coated steel roofing or tile roofing. Generally speaking, more expensive materials will translate to a nicer finished product and a longer lifespan.

Quality of contractor

As you collect quotes from different contractors, you will quickly see that prices for the same job can be quoted very differently. The quality of the contractor you decide to work with will have a substantial bearing on the quality of the finished product, but will likely impact the cost as well. Some companies will look to cut corners along the way to offer you a lower price tag, but this can come at a substantial cost. Have a good look at a company’s reputation before making your final decision, and keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

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