The 4 Most Common Roof Problems

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Maintaining your roof is extremely important to keeping it looking and functioning well. Keep an eye out for these common roof problems so you can get them addressed right away. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


Wind and rain are inevitable, but your roof should be able to stand the test. If you are having symptoms of a roof leak like moisture causing damage to your ceiling or walls, speak to a professional right away. A leak can lead to more serious problems like mold and rot and could be part of a larger problem with your roof.

Locate And Repair A Roof Leak

Poor installation

If you are having problems with a new roof, this might be the cause of faulty installation. Loose shingles or flashing are something to look for if you think the job might not have been done right. If you have concerns, you might want to bring in a second opinion to have a look and make sure you aren’t at risk for future problems.


Animals can cause significant damage to your roof. Small critters, birds, and insects can chew, burrow, and otherwise compromise your home. If they have time to nest, this can become a much larger problem with babies causing even more damage. If you suspect wildlife might be getting through your roof, make sure to get it taken care of right away.


Trees and branches can cause all kinds of trouble if they get too close to your roof. Not only are they a convenient walkway for wildlife to access your roof, but rubbing and scratching the surface of your shingles can wear them out quickly. Not to mention, having branches close by increases your risk of having something fall on your roof in a storm, creating more serious damage. It is best to keep trees trimmed at least six feet from your home.

If you have concerns, Horn Brothers Roofing are experts in roof repair and replacement and can answer all the questions you might have about maintaining your roof for years to come.

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