Roof Repair VS Replacement

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When there is an issue with the roof of your Denver home or business, you have to make the decision to either repair the issue or just get the entire roof replaced. While the cost of replacing a roof is almost always a lot more than simply repairing the damaged area, it might not make sense in the long-run to do a repair job. That is why you need to make sure that you carefully consider the following things when deciding on whether to get commercial roofing contractors to repair or replace your roof.

When a Roof Should Be Repaired

It is fairly common for a roof to develop a leak eventually. When it does, the size and location of the leak will impact the decision of whether or not to repair it or just replace the entire thing. A leak that is located along the roof’s flashing points and is only an isolated leak will almost always be fine to just repair.

This decision will also be impacted by how long you foresee yourself owning this space. If there is a strong possibility that you’ll be moving within the next couple of years, then you should probably just go with getting repairs done as long as they are pretty minor issues.

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A combination of your own help and professional care is key for your roof.

When a Roof Should Be Replaced

If your roof is already fairly old, which in most cases means over 20 years old, then you should almost always just replace the entire thing. This is because it will be already nearing the end of its lifespan and is likely to get even more issues in the near future.

Any roof with multiple leaks or a major leak that has been a problem for a while is likely going to be in need of replacement because the amount of water damage caused already will significantly lower its lifespan.

If you are ready to either roof repair and replacement, then make sure to contact our team of experts at Horn Brothers today.

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