How Your Roof Can Get You More Natural Lighting

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Benefits of Natural Lighting

Chances are that you don’t really think about the lighting of a room as long as you can see, but there’s a growing amount of scientific evidence showing that getting regular natural light is key for a variety of health benefits. Perhaps the most known one is the fact that natural sunlight Roofis a major source of Vitamin D, an essential nutrient that we need for bone health and several other functions. What you may not know, though, is that getting more natural light is also associated with better mental health and increased workplace productivity. This could be especially useful in commercial settings. Additional natural light over artificial light is also associated with better sleep.

There are some practical benefits worth considering as well when it comes to natural lighting. For example, if you are able to utilize enough natural light to cut down on artificial light during the day, you may be able to make a substantial cut into your utility costs over time.

Implementing Natural Lighting

When it comes to getting natural light, there are a variety of smaller fixes that people may suggest, from using more mirrors in your home to simply remembering to open the curtains every morning. However, you can do even more in this regard by taking the time to use your roof to get more natural light. For one thing, if possible, considering painting more reflective colors on your roof to increase lighting. However, implementing a skylight means that you will get a steady stream of natural light in a room of your choice, any time of day. This is why you see skylights on many commercial roofs in Denver: both for the practical and aesthetic combination. Just make sure you are willing to deal with the maintenance costs of your lighting.

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