Red Flags To Look Out For Before Hiring A Contractor

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There are a lot of contractors out there for all sorts of services, but not all of them suit your project. If you’re looking for someone to do roof repairs or a replacement, you’ll want to make sure you’re signing with a reputable contractor. Here are some red flags you should look out for when hiring someone in Denver.

Cash Only

Most proper contractors don’t ask for full payment upfront, but instead will have a payments due at different intervals (e.g. 1st payment for materials, 2nd payment halfway through the project, and final payment when the project is complete). If a contractor asks for the full payment in cash, there could be a possibility that they’ll take your money and do a poor job, or worse, disappear before completing what they were hired for.

rooferNo License or Insurance

If the contractor you’re looking at doesn’t have a license, it’s a no brainer that they’re out of the question. They are unlikely to have the proper qualifications and could cause damage to your roof and home.

Avoid contractors who don’t have any insurance, as this would mean that any injuries or damages on your property would be your responsibility.

No Portfolio or References

You should always ask for the contractor’s portfolio to look at his past work and get a better idea of his/her work quality as well as if their style aligns with what you want. Err on the side of caution if there is no portfolio available, as you could end up with a (bad) surprise.

If the contractor has a thin portfolio, ask for some references to back up their work quality and ethics.

Poor Communication

You’ll want to look for someone who keeps you in the loop during the entire project, so looking for a contractor with great communication skills is vital. You don’t want any surprises like a sudden change in design or color.

Pushy Behavior

Your first interaction with a contractor isn’t the all-telling indicator of how he/she is, however, if that person is pushy from the beginning and pressuring you to sign a contract, chances are they will be pushy throughout the whole project.

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