Factors That Damage Your Roof

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The roof might be the biggest investment you make in your house, so it is wise to consistently maintain it to catch any minor repairs and extend its longevity. However, the roof’s performance also depends on a variety of factors. Knowing about them can help you better maintain it or even determine what roofing material to use if you’re planning to get a replacement.

Sun And Condensation

The sun’s heat and UV rays lead to the deterioration of your roof with prolonged exposure. Areas that are facing the west or south tend to deteriorate faster due to the stronger sun rays. In warmer and more humid climates, there is also a risk of condensation building up under the roof. Without proper ventilation in the attic, this could lead to wood sheathing and rafters rotting.

Rain And Wind

If your roofing isn’t installed correctly or well-maintained, rain could seep under the shingles – this effect is amplified when strong winds lift the roofing material and damage the roof. The water can then linger and lead to rot and mildew growth in the roof and other parts of the house (insulation, ceiling, walls, etc.).

Preparing Your Roof for Winter,Snow And Ice

When snow melts and ends up refreezing in the gutters, this can block the rest of the water from draining properly. When the water is backed up, it’ll have nowhere to go but into the roof and cause water damage to the interior as well. If the ice and snow builds up too much, it can also cause damage to the gutters and downspouts.

Trees And Leaves

If you have tree branches in contact with your roof, there is a risk of the shingles being scratched or damaged as the tree sways. In the case of large branches falling onto your roof, there is a chance of it piercing the roofing material and leaving it vulnerable to water damage. Leaves that aren’t swept from the roof or cleared from the gutters could cause rot and blocked drainage.

Each of these factors affects your home’s roofing in a different way and Horn Brothers Roofing will provide you with exceptional skill and knowledge when it comes to your specific roofing needs.

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