Preparation Steps Before Roofing

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Before even thinking of replacing your roof there are some preparation steps that need to be done. Roof removal and selecting the roofing materials need to be done first before the installation process can begin.

Roof Removal

Roof removal is the first step in the preparation process. You need to find a certified contractor that also knows how to take down a roof before replacing it. Roofers will be taking off all the old roofing material, as well as the building paper, and in most cases the sub-roof. This is to ensure that the new material will have no trouble going on smoothly.

There are also the roofing nails that will be taken out. Be sure to take a look over your yard and driveway once the roof has been removed to pick up any stray nails. This is a safety precaution so no workers or anyone in your family gets hurt.

buy asphalt shingles in ColoradoRoofing Materials

While the roof is being removed, it’s a good time for you to choose which type of roofing material you’re leaning towards using. If you’ve had asphalt shingles all your life, it may be time to make a switch to a more durable material. If you have the extra funds to do so, you should lean towards metal, clay, or wood shingles. They will last for far longer than regular asphalt shingles and ultimately save you time and money in the future.

Roofing Installation

The last step is obviously the installation process. Hiring a great roofing company will make this process much more seamless. The roofers will quickly install your chosen roofing material with ease. Ask your contractor along the way about any maintenance tips they may have in order for you to keep your roof looking its best for as long as possible.

If need have any information about the preparation process, contact Horn Brothers Roofing today. They know exactly what steps to take when preparing roof replacement.

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