The Lifespan Of Different Roofing Materials

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How Long Do You Have?

A roof replacement is an expensive endeavor, so it’s natural to want to try and delay this as soon as possible. Perhaps one of the best ways to do this is simply picking a set of materials that last a long time. But what is the best option here?

Let’s start with your average asphalt roofing in Colorado Springs. Being the most popular material and the common standard for most older homes across the U.S., you would think that it lasts quite a while. Not necessarily. Your average asphalt roof lasts around 5 to 10 years, with some slight differences in variations. Composite asphalt, which is what you’re likely to get for a new home, can last up to 40 years if taken care of properly.

Benefits of Getting a New RoofClay tiles on a roof are interesting in that they can last up to a 100 years, but the threat here isn’t decay as much as it is damage from wind or pressure on the roof. However, the longest-lasting options are slate roofs. Some historical slate roofs are centuries old.

Other Considerations

The durability and lifespan of your roof is a major consideration when it comes to what material you want to use. However, it’s not the only only thing. If you don’t plan on living in a house for a while, and just need to make some minor roof repairs or replacements, it may be worth it for you to save money that you can use elsewhere. Along with this, durability isn’t as big a concern for everyone. Parts of the country with relatively mild weather may be able to get away with a more fragile roofing material. In addition, if you’re willing to invest in a regular cycle of roof inspection and repair, you can make any roof last longer. Combine these with the aesthetic value of certain materials, and it’s not a simple decision on what exactly is best.

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