Hail Damage To Roofs – Why Should You Invest In Strong Installations

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According to the National Weather Service, Colorado gets anywhere from 10 to 20 plowable hail events annually. Any hailstone that is around an inch or more in diameter can cause damage to doors, windows, cars, and roofs.

Colorado gets several hailstorms with penny-size stones every year, which leads to ample property damage. Some roofing materials are more resilient than others, so if you live in an area that experiences frequent hailstorms, consider installing a stone-coated metal roof.

Damage Caused by Hailstorms

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Never underestimate hailstone’s destructive power.

Hailstones travel at high speeds and hit the surface with enough force to cause significant damage. Even small stones can cause cracks and chips, while big ones can turn an asphalt shingle to dust. As the sales manager at Horn Brothers, Mark McMillan has seen what kind of destruction a severe storm can cause.

Shattered asphalt shingles leave the roof vulnerable, exposing the structure to harmful UV rays. He has seen penny-sized stones leave behind cracks and deep dents in concrete roofs as well.

Gerard’s stone-coated metal roofs survive the impact relevantly unscathed. According to McMillan, Horn Brothers has installed more than 8,000 such roofs over the years and has never noticed any substantial problems after a severe hailstorm. These structures can handle Colorado’s weather conditions well.

Distinctive Characteristics of Stone-Coated Metal Roofs

Asphalt is often the go-to material for new roof installations. It is affordable, reliable, and weather-resistant. However, it isn’t suitable for regions with severe snow or hailstorms. Stone-coated metal roofs are a much better alternative for places like Denver, Colorado. Here’s a look at some of the structure’s beneficial characteristics:

  • Gerard’s stone-coated metal roofs are designed to handle 2-2.5-inch hailstones without sustaining any cracks.
  • The company offers some of the best warranties in the market. If you hire an approved and experienced professional for installation, you can take full advantage of this warranty.
  • The roofs are visually appealing and come in a wide range of designs. According to McMillan, Canyon Shake and Pacific Tile designs are particularly popular in Denver, Colorado.
  • Gerard’s roofs are made from Class A Fire-Rated material. Colorado sees several roof fires every year, so it makes sense to invest in a more resistant product.

Durability is the roof’s biggest advantage. While asphalt shingle installations are more affordable, they are less durable. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars replacing them regularly. Stone-coated metal roofs are much more durable and can easily last several decades without the need for replacement.