Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie-Style Home Gets An Upgrade

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Frank Lloyd Wright is a well-known name in the field of US architecture. His organic and charming Prairie-style homes are always pleasing to the eye, blending in harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

These kinds of buildings are always a challenge to repair or renovate. Homeowners want to preserve the essence of their property’s architecture but also ensure their upgrades are durable. Sheryl Maher faced a similar dilemma when she wanted to upgrade her roof.

Colorado Weather Conditions

An organic design adds elegance and freshness to any home.

The property is located in Telluride, Colorado, which sits at an elevation of around 9,500 feet. Telluride receives approximately 300 inches of snow every year, and there’s always a risk of other adverse incidences like hailstorms, heavy rain, or harsh winds. Colorado also experiences frequent fires, which can cause substantial damage to a roof.

When Maher went looking for a new roof, she knew her home needed something durable that fit in with its overall architecture. Her neighbors loved metal roofs, but she believed the material wouldn’t be suitable for the Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie-style home.

Finding the Right Roofing Material

Maher contacted Horn Brothers for some advice, and they recommended a DaVinci Single-Width Slate roof. The product looks like natural slate, but is made from synthetic materials. Slate proved to be the perfect solution for the property, blending in with the design seamlessly.

Synthetic slate is a good choice for vintage properties because of its natural appearance. Maher and the experts at Horn Brothers firmly believe that Frank would have approved of the material. DaVinci composite shingles have a good track record and are very resilient. They’re ideal for both residential and commercial properties in Colorado.

Suitable for Colorado Weather

When Larry Lederer from Horn Brothers inspected Maher’s roof, he knew it was in a rough shape and needed an upgrade quickly. He recommended DaVinci synthetic slate shingles for their unique benefits. Here’s a look at some of these benefits:

  • These shingles are made from pure resin, which makes them more resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  • They are UV-resistant and have thermal stabilizers for better insulation.
  • The shingles also have a highly-specialized retardant component that offers great resistance to fire disasters.
  • Every tile is 12 inches wide and around ½ an inch thick. They are similar to actual slate shingles, which gives them a very natural appearance.

DaVinci offers a limited lifetime warranty on this roof. If the structure is installed by a trained and approved professional, it will last for a long time.

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