3 Benefits of Tapered Insulation

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As we all know, when it rains it pours, and for those residential and commercial buildings in Denver, CO with flat roofs, this can be a particularly troubling issue. If your roof happens to especially flat, then it can lead to a large amount of water gathering on top of it, known as standing water, which can lead to several major problems.

An increased amount of weight from standing water can lead to structural damage and weakened integrity of the roof itself. If you fail to remove the standing water, it can also lead to things like moss and algae growth in the summer, sheets of ice developing in the winter, and the deterioration of your roof’s water-tight seal. All of this adds up to your roof not lasting nearly as long as it should, and could even lead to its warranty becoming void.

One way to help avoid any of these issues is to get some tapered insulation installed, which uses its slight sloping features to help naturally guide water off your roof. Using this system also comes with many additional benefits.

Easy to Install

When deciding to go with a roofing system that requires a layer of screed on top, these can often take a fairly long time to properly install due to the time the screen takes to properly set. However, by going with tapered insulation, you greatly reduce the amount of installation time that it takes and can end up saving yourself about a quarter of your total roofing costs.

Reduced Weight

Another great benefit of tapered insulation is that it is so much more lightweight than any type of screed. This makes it much easier to handle and work with and also reduces the amount of stress that is being put on your roof.

ImWhat is Roof Ponding?proves Temperature Control

Since it is insulation, it is obviously able to provide better temperature control for your entire house. This results in lower heating costs in the winter and reduced air conditioning costs in the summer.

For more information about the benefits of tapered insulation and which option is best for your roof, be sure to contact Horn Brothers Roofing today.

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