Why Your Roof Needs Ventilation

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A lot of the time, people tend to get tunnel vision when it comes to their roof. After all, if we’re coming up on winter, there’s no real need to try and deal with ventilation. That’s more of a summer issue, right? Not entirely. It’s important to mention the fact that getting proper ventilation for your roof provides a number of key benefits. Here are some things to look at.

Why Go For Ventilation?

Modern RoofFor starters, the longer that you lack ventilation for your roof, the more likely that you expose yourself to the risk of heat damage. For example, certain parts of the roof (like wooden beams or roofing joists), can expand over time when exposed to additional heat. This will also damage the flashing, which can lead to water getting into your home. Other problems that can be caused by poor ventilation and the added heat it brings are blistering shingles, excess humidity, and potentially weakening plywood roof sheathing (if you have some). This means potential trouble in wintertime as well. If a roof is hot, it will likely melt down snow and ice on the roof, but as it goes into gutters, it freezes again. This leads to ice blockage and potential gutter damage.

To stop this, roof vents help circulate air throughout the home. There are three main types you have to choose from. Ridge vents, roof vents, and intake vents all help protect different parts of the roof and you may be able to use all three depending on the type of roof you have and your budget.

Getting Your Roof Ventilation Installed

With these things in mind, you want to go with a roofing contractor that will be able to help you with these vent options. If you are looking for a top roofing company in the Denver area, contact Horn Brothers Roofing today for a free estimate so we can help you with any potential problems. With decades of combined roofing experience, we bring a combination of experienced and certified installers out in the field as well as administrative personnel with the skills to manage your installation. We will be closed 12/21-1/7/2019 For Christmas and New Year.

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