Understanding the Surface of the Roof

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It may not seem like it when you are standing on the ground and looking up, but the surface of your roof in Edwards, Colorado, is a harsh place. In the heat of summer, the temperature on your roof can get hotter than 150 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, it can dip below freezing. Sometimes, depending on what your roof is covered with, the temperature will make it impossible for a roofer to touch.

Your roof not only experiences extreme temperatures, it is also subjected to extreme weather conditions. From wind to hail to snow to ice, it has to withstand all of these elements and protect the occupants inside. Most of the time, it accomplishes this goal the way it’s supposed to. But over time, with age, it can begin to fail at its job.

roof replacement in DenverWhen damage has occurred or age takes it toll, that is when your home will need repairs or replacement with a quality roof. Remember, the top of your home is an extreme environment, so if it’s too hot or too cold outside, work may not be able to be done. A professional roofer will know exactly when repairs or replacement can occur, and they’ll communicate this information with you.

If you maintain your roof and have it inspected regularly, you can plan ahead to have repairs or replacement done when the conditions are optimal. This is also beneficial to you because you’ll know when you need to be out of your home so you won’t be bothered by the pounding and other noise that goes along with roof repair. It will also reduce the amount of stress and worry that comes with an emergency.

Roof replacement and repairs can happen at any time of the year, including in the winter. However, the temperature has to be just right so that the workers don’t freeze or get too hot.

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