Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Concrete Roof Tiles

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Concrete tile roofs have become popular because of their durability, resilience, and ability to handle different kinds of weather. While this material is very tough, it also requires some care to remain stable. Regular concrete tile roof maintenance is the best way to keep the structure in good shape.

Common Roof Issues

Concrete roof tiles can handle different kinds of exterior forces well, but constant exposure does take its toll. Here’s a look at some of the most common issues found in these structures:

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    Concrete tiles are long-lasting when properly maintain.

    Cracked Tiles – Cracked tiles are a common problem in concrete tile roofs. Excessive heat or cold can cause the tiles to expand and contract, which can lead to cracks. The impact of hail or regular foot traffic on the roof can also cause these cracks.

  • Mold and Moss – Concrete is a permeable material, and while roof tiles can be treated with some sealing agents, there’s still a chance of mold or moss. If the roof is continuously exposed to moisture and not maintained well, it can develop a tough layer of moss in a short time.
  • Tiles Sliding Out – If the adhesive holding the tiles to the roof base becomes weak, they will slide out. You need to hire professionals to ensure the bonds between tiles and roof is strong once again to avoid this problem.

Concrete roof tiles can also develop other issues like cracked mortar on tile caps, chips, white stains, or failing underlayment. These wearing signs mean you need to carry out maintenance and repairs immediately. 

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning concrete tiles isn’t as difficult as it sounds, especially if you have the right tools. It is still safer to hire a professional to do it because they can be more thorough. Here are some cleaning tips that can help:

  • Safety First – Make sure you have protective gear and harnesses to keep you safe throughout the cleaning process. Thousands of people experience serious injuries while cleaning roofs because aren’t safe.
  • Washing the Roof – The next step is to wash the roof. You can use water and a brush for this process or rent a power washer. Make sure to set the pressure below 1,200 psi before using it.
  • Specialized Cleaner – Use specially formulated cleaners for concrete tiles after the washing is complete. These cleaners penetrate the material, rooting out mold and mildew from within. 

Regular maintenance doesn’t just ensure your roof continues to look good but also helps extend its lifespan. Make you carry out concrete tile roof maintenance at least once a year for the best results.

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