5 Tips To Prepare Your Roof For Winter

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Winter in Denver is fast approaching, so it is vital that you use the remaining time to prepare your roof. Follow these 5 tips to protect your roof and avoid costly repairs during or after the season:

1. Clear Debris

Debris trapped in the gutters, spouts, and drains can block proper drainage and cause water to be backlogged. This water can freeze when the cold temperatures settle in and lead to costly damage to the roof and the inside of the house. Therefore, it is important to clear all the debris from these areas before winter arrives.

Roof Damage2. Secure Gutters

The gutters can get loose over time, so it is important to examine them and secure any sections as required. If the gutter isn’t secured in place, water from defrosting snow can leak and cause damage to the roof and external walls of the house.

3. Replace Sealant

The sealant around any object that pokes out of the roof wears out over time and can let water into the roof when it cracks. Check the sealant around the base of these objects and re-seal these areas if they are worn out. This will protect your home from unexpected damages caused by water seeping, freezing and thawing in the roof.

4. Check Flashing and Shingles

Loose flashing and shingles indicate that water could get lodged within the roof and cause the growth of mildew and rot if it isn’t dealt with as soon as possible. Avoid this situation by doing regular inspections so that you can get the necessary roof repairs (e.g. replacing shingles that are missing, damaged, or curled).

5. Check Attic Insulation

An often-forgotten inspection that homeowners tend to miss is checking the distribution of insulation within the attic. This will prevent heat from escaping and help you avoid expensive electricity bills. Ensuring that the insulation is doing its job will also help you avoid developing ice dams where the heat escapes, which can easily damage areas of your roof.

These simple tips should get you started with your winter roof preparations, and will help you keep your roof looking at its best for a longer period of time!

If you discover any roof repairs or damages during the inspection, feel free to contact Horn Brothers Roofing to find out what types of top quality service they provide.

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