The Challenges of Roof Replacements on Historical Buildings

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Historical structures have very specific roofing replacement needs. Without special attention to design and construction of these roofs, the restoration work can affect the integrity and appearance of these old buildings. For instance, a modern metal roof would ruin the look and appeal of a neoclassic-style building.

Only skilled and experienced roofing contractors know what it takes to handle historical roof replacement for residential and commercial structures. When handling this project, they will consult with seasoned architects that have expertise in historical building restoration.

The professionals will also conduct research to understand the modalities involved in replacing roofs on historical buildings. The objective is to ensure that the client gets a roof that complements the structure, yet is perfectly stable too.

Common Challenges Involved in Historical Roof Replacement

Churches are among the most challenging projects a roofer can face.

The construction methods and techniques used in historic structures are different from ones used in roof replacement on modern buildings. Some common challenges in these projects include:

  • It is crucial to stay true to the architectural styling, while ensuring its stability.
  • The structure itself needs careful assessment, and there could be other reinforcement and structural tasks to be completed before the roof replacement commences.
  • The other sections of the building and property should not suffer any damage during the roof replacement project.
  • Not all commonly used hardware, accessories, and products are suitable. It means that only specific types of underlayment, mortar, nails, etc., would have to be sourced for the project.
  • When certain types of products aren’t available, the roofing contractors will need to use sprayed polyurethane insulation, thermoplastic/ thermostat materials, or built-up roofs in historical structures during roof replacement for historical buildings.

The Historical Roof Replacement Process

In addition to using the right materials, there are specific steps to be followed in the roof replacement process, such as: 

  • Assessing the problem
  • Locating the problem
  • Finding a suitable solution for either roof repair or replacement
  • Ensuring that the roof repair or replacement plans live up to code
  • Acquiring the right documentation for working on the historical building

When Horn Brothers handles this project, you can be sure that the new roof will complement the historical structure, will be a durable solution, and will last for several decades. We will also make sure that energy-efficient materials, such as roof membranes, roof insulation, vapor barriers, air barriers, and roof insulation are used. This will increase the historical building roof’s durability and longevity.

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