Spotting Flat Roof Hail Damage Before It’s Too Late

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According to the Storm Prediction Center, America had more than 3000 major hailstorms just in the last year. Unlike snow, hail has more damage potential and can wreak havoc on homes and their roofs. Since the storms pass and go abruptly, it is common to be dismissive of them, which can lead to long-term damage. 

Owing to the fact that flat roof hail damage can severely affect the longevity of a roof, it is important to always be on the lookout for wear and tear. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to spot flat roof hail damage, and it often goes undetected for months or even years! 

Flat roof hail damage can remain undetected because of the many layers in the roofing structure. Such damage is referred to as latent damage since it affects the overall structure and cannot be visually confirmed. Heavy hail impact can penetrate the layers underneath the surface of the roof, causing issues like cracks and leakage. 

When Should You Get the Professionals Involved?

In the aftermath of a hailstorm, a thorough visual inspection of the landscaping and surrounding property, such as fences, windows, and metal posts, can give an indication of the extent of the roof’s damage. If other parts of the property have also been damaged, there’s a great likelihood of flat roof hail damage as well.

A professional company, like Horn Brothers Roofing, can help provide the right steps forward for maintenance and repairs. Since latent flat roof hail damage is difficult to spot, it can give rise to cracks, splits, and tears in the roof, which can further cause issues, such as leakage, spilling, seepage, and a spike in utility bills, etc. A professional can assess the overall health of the roof and offer much-needed insight regarding timely maintenance, and replacement which can help you save money on extensive repairs! In the event your roof has suffered severe damage, Horn Brothers Roofing experts can help guide you through the insurance process.

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