Should You Be Clearing The Snow From Your Rooftop?

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Winter is upon us, and every homeowner is concerned about their roofing. Winter storms and excessive snowfall can cause serious damage to the structure, leading to expensive repairs. You can avoid most of the damage by carrying out comprehensive maintenance before, during, and after winter. Maintaining a residential roof doesn’t require specialized equipment. This post has a few tips and solutions that can help with keeping the structure in good condition.

Dangers Of Too Much Snow On Your Roof 

Prepare Your Roof For Winter

Snow can cause serious issues to your roof system.

Snow can cause a lot of strain to your roof structure, leading to serious issues and weaknesses. If you want to ensure the structure remains intact throughout the winter, consider clearing snow from the roof regularly. Most roofs can handle up to 20-40 lbs of snow per square foot, but those designed for regions with harsh winters can deal with more.

However, this depends largely on the type of snow. Even 12 inches of packed snow can be too heavy for a normal residential roof to handle. 12 inches of light and fluffy snow weighs only around 5-20 lbs, while packed snow with some ice can weigh around 40-58 lbs per square foot.

If there’s too much snow on the structure, the roof will develop serious water damage or collapse entirely. Clearing snow from the roof is the best way to avoid all such a disaster.

Signs You Need To Clear The Roof 

If your region experiences heavy snowfall regularly, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for the signs. You can either hire a professional to remove the snow or carefully clear the structure yourself. Here are some of the signs to keep in mind:

  • Water leaks under the roof and on the siding walls.
  • Creaks and fissures in the roof structure or support system.
  • Sagging ceiling and uneven surfaces.
  • Serious ice dam formation.

If you intend to clear the roof without professional assistance, be sure to use protective equipment and proper safety gear. The last thing you want to do is be trapped under the heavily packed snow. That can cause serious injuries and even lead to broken bones. 

If you’re not certain about clearing snow from the roof, hire an expert to do it. Get an estimate from reliable local vendors for wintertime maintenance. They will clear the snow and look for signs of damage. Regular care will help reduce damage and extend the lifespan of your roof.

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