Roof Maintenance and Repairs for Mountain Resorts

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If you own or manage a mountain resort, you have many things to consider for its maintenance.  The roof is one of the most important features of a structure in the mountains, and you have to ensure it’s in excellent condition at all times.

Common Problems in Mountain Resort Roofs

Snow and ice dams can cause problems and reduce the lifespan of deteriorated or damaged roofing. The freezing temperatures can result in contraction and expansion, which can cause further issues. If you want the structure to be safe, you need to address problems in the structure early.

Any damage to the roof can make the building unsafe for guests and your staff, and will disrupt business. But mismanagement or delays in roof repairs can result in problems that are more costly to fix.

Proactive Roof Maintenance

When you have your commercial roof installed by experts in the field, you can be sure they will use the best materials. The roofing products will be covered with warranties, and the roof installers cover their work with guarantees as well. It means you will have a stable and long-lasting roof that will be safe and aesthetically appealing too.

Roof maintenance is a specialized job, and when you work with a well-established company like us at Horn Brothers, you are sure to get value for money. However, we always encourage our clients to be proactive in their approach to roof maintenance. You should still get your internal staff to inspect the roof structure from the ground or from windows that overlook it.

This basic visual inspection can sometimes reveal problems in the roof and/or guttering system, which you should never neglect.  Contact us as soon as you notice that something isn’t right with your roof. We will send our skilled and experienced technicians to your location.

They will conduct a thorough inspection of the roof to determine where the problem lies. We have the skill and experience to handle repair and maintenance of all types of roofs, including metal ones, which are a common feature on mountain resorts. We can also install roof snow guards, so that the structure gets some amount of protection from the winter sleet and snow.

Our company uses the best quality products in our work and will complete the repair and maintenance work safely, cost-effectively, and to industry standards. For a detailed roof repair or roof maintenance estimate, feel free to call us and discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable and experienced team.

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